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Questions About DWI Arrest

Questions Your Attorney Will Ask About Your DWI Arrest

Some people are surprised that their attorney asks them certain questions regarding their DWI charges which they have received. We’ll go over some of those questions and the reason which are behind the attorney wanting to know more about specific issues regarding your case. Reach a dallas dwi attorney to get the answers and information needed rather than trying to face this situation without legal assistance.

Why Does the Attorney Want To Know How Many Drinks I had?

The attorney wants to know this because they want to know what kind of facts they’re dealing with. If you literally only had one drink of wine, then you literally will have a low BAC as compared to other clients. If you truly only had one drink, then there are serious implications with regards to your case. You will have a very low BAC, and your case is essentially going to be much more positive from the outset with regards to the facts of the case and the chance of getting the charges dismissed. If you drank only one drink, but then you also were on other medication or illegal drugs at the time you were arrested, this is an example of something else that you should definitely volunteer to your attorney. These important details are important to your attorney in being able to mount a successful defense on your behalf.

Why Does The Attorney Want To Know How I Did on the Field Sobriety Tests?

The attorney wants to know this for the same reason that they want to know what amount of alcohol you consumed before being pulled over. If you feel like you nailed the field sobriety tests, then this is a good fact. If, on the other hand, you describe the situation to your lawyer as being a complete failure, and that you were hardly able to stand up during the tests, this helps the attorney know that it is time to do damage control.

Why Does My Lawyer Want To Know If I Have A Job?

The reason an attorney asks this question is actually often two-fold. First of all, the attorney may need to know whether she or he is going to get paid for representing you. If you don’t have a job, they may need to probe a little further with regards to whether your parent, brother, friend, or other person is going to be helping to cover your legal costs. Another reason for this question revolves around the potential for receiving an occupational license and your need of obtaining a driver license at least for this purpose of driving to and from work.